Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats

January 06, 2018

Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats

Executive Pet Chef Charles Marsh

Executive Pet Chef Charles Marsh

What is Freeze Dried Raw

Freeze-dried foods are preserved in a way without the use of any chemicals or artificial preservatives, and are not heated at any point in the manufacturing process. The freeze-drying process begins with frozen foods, which are then placed in large machines that lower the atmospheric pressure around the food.

Below zero temperatures in the vacuum chamber gently pulls moisture out without the loss of nutrients.

Freeze-drying leaves foods less damaged than dehydration. It doesn’t shrink or toughen most food ingredients, and it leaves most aromas, textures and flavors in the food intact. Simple, clean food that is a healthy snack or treat.

More about Freeze Dried Raw

Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Treats

German Shepard Dog health and vitality from freeze dried raw dog treats.

More energy and increased vitality

Relief from common skin problems, especially those caused by food intolerance

Shiny coat for dog from eating freeze dried raw dog treats.

A shiny and healthy coat

A sharp decrease in common diseases and conditions like arthritis and diabetes

Healthy lifestyle from eating freeze dried raw dog treats.

Extended life & improved quality of life

Improved digestion, fresher breath and smaller and almost odorless waste

The Bad Stuff

Heavily-processed pet foods contain preservatives for long-term storage in warehouses and retail stores.  

Preservatives not only depletes micro-nutrients but have been connected with many common allergies – such as yeast on the skin, paws and in the ears.

Dry and canned pet foods may sound healthy but are actually designed for the pet owner’s convenience and maximum shelf life instead of nutrition for their pet.

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