Just as humans thrive on diets without fillers and artificial ingredients, so too do dogs. Pet Chef All Natural Dog Treats eliminates the additives and artificial ingredients that many manufacturers include to “improve the taste”, prolong the life of their products or simply add more inexpensive weight and bulk to the bag to justify the consumer price. All natural meats mimic the natural diet of wild canines and provide a more balanced approach to nutrition.

Unfortunately for our pets, nearly all commercially available dog food and treats are made with ingredients considered to be feed-grade instead of human-grade. Feed-grade ingredients are lower quality than human-grade.

Dog instinctively crave raw animal protein. Unlike other brands, our recipes are chef inspired using freeze-dried pieces of 100% lean meat.

10 Scary Truth About Dog Food

no preservatives or artificial chemicals used in pet chef dog treats


Cage Free Chicken

Pasture Fed Beef

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Pasture Fed Lamb

Free Run Turkey

Lake Minnows

Farm Fresh Carrots

California Strawberries