transition to a freeze dried diet

As with any pet food transition, a slow transition will produce the best results. Introduce the new frozen food or freeze-dried food into your dog's diet gradually. Mix 25% of the new food with 75% of the old food on the first day, then increase the quantity of the new food by 10% while simultaneously decreasing the quantity of the old food by 10% each day over the first few days. If your dog is older, sick, or finicky, extend the transition time to 3-4 weeks. If your dog experiences loose stools or an upset stomach, you've likely transitioned to the new food too quickly; simply slow your transition until digestive upsets resolve.  


In the wild, dogs are carnivores. While you may be fortunate to have a dog that will immediately switch to the new raw diet, some will be instinctively wary of any dietary changes. Transitioning a dog will most often require patience and diligence on your part.

Establish Regular Feeding Times

The first step is to establish regular feeding times for your dog, even before starting to transition to a freeze dried raw food, do not allow your dog to “free-feed”.

Give your pet a limited amount of time (15 minutes) to eat its meals. If they do not eat in that time, pick up the food and put it away. Your cat will quickly learn to eat its meals when served. This will be essential when you make the switch to fresh food.